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Meet the NEW Hobby CNC Desktop Mill

Who says a hobby CNC can’t stand up to the strongest desktop CNC mills out there? The SEMP CNC line is uniquely positioned to become the new favorite CNC mill on the market. Now you can make beautiful, intricately detailed parts, prototypes, jewelry, art and much more. Use just about any machinable material you prefer. Create single, one-of-a-kind pieces or mass produce professional-quality creations – the possibilities are endless.

SEMP CNC mills are built in-house in the USA. We ship them completely assembled and ready-to-use, complete with hardware and software to make custom objects from a 3D file or a 2D image. You won’t find another hobby CNC mill with as much power, portability and potential for the price.


Save Time and Money

SEMP CNC mills and accessories are competitively priced and provide exceptional, long-lasting value for your investment. What’s more, you can power your machine using any standard home or shop outlet- no expensive electrical requirements required.


Enjoy Boundless Creativity

Professional machinists, hobbyists, engineers, manufacturers, makers, DIY’ers, jewelers, woodworkers, inventors, teachers and many others use SEMP CNC mills daily to turn their visions into reality and create real usable parts and products. You should be next!

DTM 280

Go Where the Inspiration Is

Leave your SEMP desktop CNC mill where it is or relocate it when you need to. The DTM 280 and DTM 850 are very sturdy, yet lightweight, making them ideal for owners of all physical abilities and for companies that do part and product production in several areas.


Experience Peace of Mind

Exceptionally engineered and constructed products invented by 2nd generation machinists is just the start. All products are backed by friendly and knowledgeable technical support and customer service making SEMP hobby CNC mill products the best choice for everyone.

Create what you want, whenever you want, with whatever you want

Are you ready to experience the true versatility and freedom of a SEMP Desktop CNC Mill?


What Our Customers Have To Say

I love our new, high-production CNC cutting and engraving mill. We couldn’t believe the amount of functionality and versatility we were able to get for the price. We bought this mill to replace an older DIY mill we had on the production floor and can already tell we are going to get a lot more use out of this one. Everyone is excited to play with it and see what it can do. Thank you SEMP!
– JK Livingston, Dallas, TX
I bought the SEMP DTM 280 to help me create all the parts I need to mass-produce my new consumer product. It was going to cost me over $40,000 to just make the one part with a traditional machine shop. Now I can make what I need myself. So excited about what I can do now.
– Troy S., Thornton, CO