Meet The Team

SEMP Small CNC Machine Team

Tony Semp

Tony is our Mechanical Engineer, Designer, CAD specialist, Accountant and Owner of SEMP Machine, LLC. Tony has been in prototype and high production manufacturing for over 30 years.

SEMP Machine, LLC. Is the latest of several successful company ventures Tony has been involved with. Coming up with new ideas, inventive thoughts and following them to fruition has always been a motivating factor in his professional life. He’s proud to stand behind SEMP’s small CNC machine line and enjoys seeing what SEMP’s customers can create.

Separating professional from personal life is important. When not grinding at the office, you will always find him with his family and friends.

Frank Semp

With over 30 years in the manufacturing business, Frank has designed many of the processes used at SEMP Machine today. Frank finds satisfaction in the production side of the business. From process design to programming to finished part.

When not working, Frank likes to spend his time with family and friends or escape to the mountains.

Charles Randolph

Charles Randolph is our Electrical Engineer, Programmer, Machinist, Designer, Jack of All Trades and all around Mad Scientist. With over 10 years of experience in the machining field alone, Charles has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Prototyping, CNC Programming, and Machine Setup/ Operation.

Charles while focused on Hardware and Firmware of the SEMP DTM small CNC machine line , he also handles training videos, training in CAD, CAM, and teaching good machining practices.

When not at the SEMP facility you will find him tinkering on some wild invention, playing video games, or improving, as he calls it, his “Nerd Cred”.