Custom Parts & Prototypes

Milling Machine for Prototypes and Custom Parts

If you’re looking for the perfect CNC milling machine for prototypes and custom machine parts, the SEMP CNC desktop and benchtop mill line has your answer. Our milling machines are designed for rapid, economical prototyping and the creation of quick, custom parts. The SEMP DTM 280 and DTM 580 milling machines support a variety of materials and result in a smooth, professional-looking finish for simple to intricate, complex projects.

Testing, first article inspection or program proofing is an important step of the manufacturing process. This measure prevents mistakes, mishaps and miscalculations that can be financially detrimental further down the line. The SEMP DTM 280 desktop and DTM 850 benchtop CNC milling machines simplify the prototyping and testing process with minimal cost to your project. With the ability to quickly verify the accuracy of your drawings and production process at the individual parameter level, you can be assured your prototype or custom machine part will function as designed. Once your first custom machine part or product is complete, you ‘ll have a full-scale, functioning prototype for future production efforts.

The SEMP CNC Benchtop Milling Machine Line Is:

  • Ideal for fast part-matching
  • Handy for repairing parts or creation of replacement parts
  • Suitable for re-manufacturing and reverse engineering or parts, products and tools
  • An economical way to fulfill contractual obligations for first article or proof-of-concept requirements
  • Appropriate for the creation of personal and professional, industrial applications
  • Versatile and easy to use to create electrical parts and casings, art, toys and more


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