Jewelry Engraving Machine & CNC Router

Novice and professional jewelers alike love the Semp CNC router line for jewelry, awards and gifts. Our jewelry engraving machines are compact and portable and able to cut materials of almost any size. You won’t find another CNC router for metal engraving that scales from entry to production level, with the same power, versatility and portability for the price!

DIY Engraving, Carving and Cutting Machine

Our clients use the Semp DTM 280 and DTM 850 CNC jewelry engraving machines for fast and simple DIY engraving, carving and cutting a variety of materials, as well as creating custom molds for new jewelry. Use whatever you have to support fast and easy, no-waste injection molding.

If you can dream it, you can do it with a DIY CNC router for metal engraving from SEMP. Imagine the fun of creating uniquely beautiful pieces of wearable art for yourself, friends, family or your business. Our clients work in wax, with molds or directly within metal. Whatever your preference, our jewelry engraving machines are capable of creating the intricate details that get noticed.

  • Make and sell unique, one of a kind pieces or mass produce a full line of wearable artwork
  • Create two-toned, inlaid designs from gold, silver or other alloys and materials
  • Perfect for the production of pendants, medallions, awards and more


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