A Reliable Plastic Engraving Machine

SEMP CNC mills work with virtually all types and sizes of plastic, which makes them ideal for DIY plastic engraving projects and production floor machinery needs. Quickly create any quantity of parts, pieces or components you require with a fast, powerful plastic engraving machine designed with precision, durability, reliability and repeatability in mind.

Our economically priced CNC mills and routers for sale are perfect for DIY’ers, inventors, hobbyists and anyone else who appreciates a powerful, easy-to-use, 3 axis mill. If accuracy, rigidity, and strength are important to you, you’ll love our plastic engraving machines. Our CNC mills work with all types of plastic to produce any quantity of parts and pieces with smooth, bubble-free results.

Milling products and parts from plastics with a SEMP router is like carving things from butter. It's very fast and smooth and is the perfect tool for creating an entire line of products or replacement parts from various plastics. Our plastic engraving machine is also an excellent way to create prototypes and try out samples before using more expensive alloys and metals.

Our powerful CNC mills arrive completely set up and ready to use– no complicated assembly or modifications are required. They are perfect for the desktop or benchtop milling enthusiasts who would rather spend time creating and having fun than dealing with intricate details associated with set-up.

Ideal For:

Engraving & Cutting 3D Cutting

CNC Mill for Plastics – What Can I Make?

Teflon - Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a strong, synthetic fluoropolymer with numerous applications including containers and pipework for corrosive materials.

Delrin - engineering thermoplastic used in precision parts such as small gear wheels, eyeglass frames, ball bearings, ski bindings, fasteners, guns, knife handles, and lock systems. The material is widely used in the automotive and consumer electronics industry.

ABS – A tough, impact-resistant polymer often milled for pipe systems, musical instruments, golf club heads, automotive trim components, automotive bumper bars, medical devices, enclosures for electrical and electronic assemblies, luggage and protective carrying cases, small kitchen appliances, and toys like Legos).

PVC – A rigid, synthetic polymer ideally suited for pipe and in profile applications such as doors and windows. It is also used for bottles and other non-food packaging.

Polysulfide - Insoluble in water, oils, and many other organic solvents, it is used as a sealant to fill the joints in pavement, automotive window glass, and aircraft structures.

Acrylic - Often used in sheet form as a lightweight or shatter-resistant alternative to glass. It can be utilized as a casting resin, in inks and coatings, and has many other uses.

Polycarbonate - Strong, versatile and easily worked, it’s ideal for many applications.

Nylatron - A tradename for a family of heavy duty, wear-resistant nylon plastics, it is used to cast plastic parts for machines and can be used as a replacement for cast iron or forged steel.

Flourosint - Offers low frictional properties, dimensional stability and chemical resistance and is ideal for bearing and seal applications.

Nylon – A synthetic polymner ideal for molded parts for cars, motorcycles, appliances and electrical equipment

UHMW (or UHMWPE, or ultra-high molecular-weight polyethylene) - This material has the highest of impact strength of any thermal plastic. Sample applications include armor, cut-resistant gloves, climbing equipment, fishing line, spear lines for spear guns, and sporting equipment.

Noryl – Heat resistant, Noryl provides good electrical insulation properties, hydraulic stability, dimensionable stability and processability. It may be suitable for a wide variety of applications such as electronics, electrical equipment and machinery.